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Halco - Tilsan Bass 55
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With the DNA of the classic Tilsan Bass, the new plastic TB55 takes consistency to a whole new level. Suspending perfectly in fresh water, this lure gives anglers the ability to sit the lure right in the strike zone. Check out how we went about taking a timeless classic lure design, and modernising it to roll with the best tech on the market today.


Name - TB55
Depth - 3.5m
Weight - 7.4g
Length - 55mm
Hooks - #6 Mustad Trebles
Buoyancy - Suspending
Speed - 1-4 knots
Applications - Trolling / Casting

Halco Lure Tech


A heap of Halco lures are UV reactant & start humming when the purple light hits them, without affecting their normal appearance.

Bulletproof Bibs

Halco bibs are bloody tough! Made out of the same polycarbonate material as bulletproof glass, our bibs are up for the fight.

Designed to Bleed

The more they chew the better they look! Chrome colours are painted red underneath.


This allows some of our lure colours to glow strongly in the dark, without affecting their normal daytime appearance!

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