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Halco - Roosta Popper 60
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Halco – Roosta Popper 60 

One size up from the RP45, this Roosta Popper 60 has just that little bit more action for popping and blooping. It has many clear-bodied colour combinations to choose from, as well as the classic colours. A straight retrieve popper and blooper, the Roosta Popper 60 has a low splash, high bubble swimming action, and is an ideal size for targeting larger bream, jacks and bluebonnet.

This surface action popper and blooper is rear weighted for long, accurate casting. When retrieved, the action can be altered by adjusting your rod tip height. The closer your tip to the water, the larger the bubble stream wriggles through the water. This can be particularly useful in rough surface conditions or high winds, where the lure needs to be kept in the water to minimize cartwheeling.

When casting poppers always allow a few seconds after the lures have hit the water before you commence your retrieve. This allows the lure to find its correct buoyancy and resting position in the water prior to retrieving. Commencing the retrieve the moment the lure hits the water often finds the lure not behaving correctly for the first couple of metres, which is detrimental in the critical strike zone.


  • Applications: Straight Retrieve Popping & Blooping
  • Length: 60mm, 2.3 Inches
  • Weight: 7 Grams
  • Buoyancy: Floating
  • Trolling Speed: Slow to Fast Retrive
  • Hooks: #6 Mustad Black Nickel Trebles

Techniques of Fishing:

1. Popping Action: Cast the popper and retrieve it with a rhythmic "pop" to create surface disturbance. This imitates a wounded or fleeing baitfish, attracting predatory fish.

2. Varied Retrieval Speeds: Experiment with different retrieval speeds to find what triggers strikes. Some fish prefer a slower, steady retrieve, while others may respond to a faster, erratic retrieve.

3. Pause and Twitch: After a series of pops, pause the retrieve and give the popper a subtle twitch. This mimics a struggling or injured prey, enticing strikes from nearby fish.

4. Target Structure: Cast around structures like rocks, reefs, and vegetation where predatory fish often lurk. Work the popper near these areas to increase your chances of attracting bites.

5. Adjust for Conditions: Adapt your technique based on weather and water conditions, a subtle approach may be effective, while rougher waters might require more aggressive popping to grab the attention of fish.

Halco Lure Tech


A heap of Halco lures are UV reactant & start humming when the purple light hits them, without affecting their normal appearance.

Bulletproof Bibs

Halco bibs are bloody tough! Made out of the same polycarbonate material as bulletproof glass, our bibs are up for the fight.

Designed to Bleed

The more they chew the better they look! Chrome colours are painted red underneath.


This allows some of our lure colours to glow strongly in the dark, without affecting their normal daytime appearance!

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