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Halco Madeyes - Mad Craw
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Halco Madeyes Mad Craw:

The Halco Madeyes Mad Craw is an innovative and lifelike soft plastic lure designed to entice a wide range of predatory fish. With its realistic crawfish profile, this lure is crafted to mimic the natural movement and appearance of a crayfish, making it irresistible to many fish species.

Key Features: 

  • Realistic Design
  • Versatile Action
  • Durable Construction
  • Effective in Various Environments
  • Natural Scent
  • Easy Rigging

Techniques for Fishing:

1. Slow Roll Retrieve: Use a slow and steady retrieve, allowing the Mad Craw to create a lifelike swimming motion. This mimics the movement of a prawn or shrimp.

2. Jigging: Employ a jigging technique by lifting and dropping your rod tip during the retrieve. This imparts an erratic movement, resembling a Crawfish natural behavior.

3. Bottom Bouncing: Let the Mad Craw sink to the bottom, then retrieve it slowly along the bottom-feeding fish looking for prey.

4. Pause and Twitch: Incorporate pauses during the retrieval, followed by quick twitches. This imitates a Crawfish momentarily pausing or attempting to escape, enticing strikes.

5. Vary Retrieve Speed: Experiment with different retrieval speeds. Sometimes a faster retrieve can trigger aggressive strikes, while a slower pace might be effective in more cautious fish.

6. Target Structure: Cast near underwater structures like rocks, reefs, or submerged vegetation where prawns are likely to be found. Predatory fish often lurk in these areas.

7. Adjust for Conditions: Consider the water clarity and adjust your lure color accordingly. Bright colors may work well in clear water, while more natural tones could be effective in murkier conditions.

As always, adapt your techniques based on the specific fishing environment and the behavior of the targeted fish species.

Halco Lure Tech


A heap of Halco lures are UV reactant & start humming when the purple light hits them, without affecting their normal appearance.

Bulletproof Bibs

Halco bibs are bloody tough! Made out of the same polycarbonate material as bulletproof glass, our bibs are up for the fight.

Designed to Bleed

The more they chew the better they look! Chrome colours are painted red underneath.


This allows some of our lure colours to glow strongly in the dark, without affecting their normal daytime appearance!

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