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Hayabusa - Free Slide VS Plus
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Hayabusa Free Slide VS Plus

The Hayabusa free slide VS plus is an advanced fishing hook designed for optimal performance. With its innovative design, this hook minimizes friction and resistance, allowing for smooth and natural bait movement in the water. The VS Plus model incorporates cutting-edge technology to enhance hook penetration and secure fish bites effectively. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, this hook is suitable for a variety of fishing styles, making it a reliable choice for anglers seeking top-notch performance in their tackle.

Target Species: Snapper, Gurnard, Trevally, John Dory, Kingfish

Weight: 45g - 150g


Techniques for Fishing:

1. Proper Rigging:

Rig your chosen bait properly on the Free Slide VS Plus hook. Ensure that the presentation looks natural and appealing to the target fish.

2. Adjust weight and depth:

Experiment with different weights to achieve the desired depth. Adjusting the weight can help control the sinking speed and maintain the desired position in the water column.

3. Vary Retrieval Speeds:

Mix up your retrieval speeds to mimic different types of prey movement. Sometimes a slow and steady retrieve works, while at other times a faster, erratic retrieve may trigger strikes.

4. Use Jerk and Pause Technique:

Implement a jerk and pause technique during retrieval. This imitates wounded or struggling prey, often enticing predatory fish to strike during the pause.

5. Experiment with Colors:

Try different color variations of the Free Slide VS Plus to see which one elicits the best response from the fish in your area. Fish can be selective based on color, so experimentation can be key.

Customizable Skirts

Effortlessly switch out the skirt to any combination of color or shape adapting to the conditions on the fly.

Unique Head Shape

The distinctive head shape of the Free Slide VS+ generates a dynamic waterflow that enhances the action of the skirt.

Fluorine-Coated Hooks

Fluorine-Coated Hooks ensure exceptional penetrating performance time and time again.

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