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Fuji - BCMGOT Tip

Fuji - BCMGOT Tip


 Fuji - BCMGOT

Fuji set the benchmark in fishing rod components and if you haven’t got Fuji components on your rod, it simply will not stand the test of time. While other companies play catch-up, Fuji’s expertise and investment in R&D continually produces the highest quality components available.

Many companies may offer ‘locked’ rings, but FUJI invented, refined, and perfected this technique to become the strongest possible. That’s why Fuji is the No 1 used and trusted brand on the market and everyone else is just following the leader.

The BCMGOT range of Fuji rod tips is the new and improved standard for spinning and casting rods in NZ.


  • Frame Colour: Frosted Dark-Grey
  • Frame Material: Deep Pressure Sloped Frame, Stainless Steel
  • Ring Material: “O” Ring (Aluminum Oxide)
  • Ring Type: L
  • Ring Size: See size chart
  • Pipe Size: See size chart
  • Installation: Glue-on

*The BCMGOT range replaces the previous BPOT range.*

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