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Fuji - T-KWSG Titanium Guide

Fuji - T-KWSG Titanium Guide

6mm8mm10mm12mm16mm20mm25mm30mm Low30mm

Fuji - TKWSG Titanium Guide 

Double foot design for spinning and baitcasting applications. Patented tangle free design for braid, mono and fluorocarbon.


  • Double Foot
  • Fuji’s proprietary Deep Pressed Ring
  • Patented K-Series Tangle Free, Double Sloped Frame Design
  • MicroBend, Cold-Formed Frame
  • Beaded, U-Channel Frame Cross Section (Titanium)
  • Stripper or Butt Guide


  • Frame Material: Titanium
  • Frame Colour: Silver
  • Ring Material: SiC
  • Ring Type: S


 Size H L1 L2 L
5 7.3mm 5.0mm 4.5mm 16.9mm
5.5 7.6mm 5.1mm 4.7mm 17.7mm
6 8.7mm 5.3mm 4.8mm 20.0mm
7 10.3mm 5.6mm 5.0mm 20.9mm
8 12.3mm 6.0mm 5.9mm 25.2mm
10 14.6mm 7.0mm 6.8mm 29.2mm
10M 18.1mm 9.8mm 8.0mm 36.5mm
12 17.4mm 8.0mm 8.0mm 33.4mm
12M 25.6mm 12.1mm 10.0mm 43.0mm
16 21.2mm 9.5mm 9.5mm 41.3mm
20 28.6mm 11.0mm 11.3mm 50.2mm
25 41.2mm 14.0mm 14.3mm 61.9mm
30 59.6mm 16.0mm 16.4mm 76.6mm
30L 49.4mm 16.3mm 14.0mm 71.5mm
40 79.0mm 20.1mm 20.4mm 96.6mm
40L 59.7mm 20.0mm 18.0mm 90.0mm
50 85.1mm 24.1mm 24.6mm 113.4mm

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