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TFO - Signature 3 Series Fly Rod

TFO - Signature 3 Series Fly Rod

TF 04 80 2 S3TF 05 90 2 S3TF 06 90 2 S3TF 07 90 2 S3TF 08 90 2 S3

TFO - Signature 3 Series Fly Rod

Let’s face it, there is still a soft spot in most anglers’ quivers for a two-piece rod. Whether you’re an occasional trout or bass angler, or you battle big river salmon and steelhead, we have an affordable, fun-to-fish rod for you.

We’ve taken all the great things about our well-loved Signature Series, combined it with the hard-charging, fish fighting power of the Tough Fly Rod, (TFR) and developed a new series.

The moderate action Signature III series features 10 models, from 6’0 to 9-feet.

These two-piece models feature a black anodized up-locking aluminum reel seat, a composite cork handle with handsome accents, standard sized stripping guides and a beautiful translucent dark green blank finish. Two-weight through 6-weight rods feature carbon reel seat inserts. The seven weight through 10-weight models feature black, fully anodized aluminum and single locking nut.

We’re not pretending this isn’t more than it is.

A simple, smooth casting, easy fishing tool, that packs down simply and can be assembled quickly when fish start to rise.

Awkward, multi-piece rods aren’t easy to maneuver. No 70/30 ferrules, weird junctures, or other techy, new age stuff that helps companies sell rods, but makes your life harder. The simple two-piece, even breakdown is ideal for the boat bound, or wading angler who wants convenience and castability.

All Signature III rods are packaged in a labeled rod sock.

Action: Moderate

Water: Freshwater/Saltwater


 Model Action Handle Type Line Weight Pieces Weight Rod Length
TF 04 80 2 S3
Moderate A 4 2 3.1oz 8'0"
TF 05 90 2 S3
Moderate A 5 2 3.6oz 9'0"
TF 06 90 2 S3
Moderate A 6 2 3.9oz 9'0"
TF 07 90 2 S3
Moderate B 7 2 4.5oz 9'0"
TF 08 90 2 S3
Moderate B 8 2 4.8oz 9'0"


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