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TFO - BVK Sealed Drag Fly Reel

TFO - BVK Sealed Drag Fly Reel


TFO - BVK Sealed Drag Fly Reel

We took the successful BVK series of reels, added a fully sealed drag system and didn’t raise the price one penny! Introducing the BVK SD series of reels: A fully-sealed drag system with super easy LH/RH retrieve changes and minimal maintenance. The drag system is fully sealed Delrin® and stainless-steel to keep the drag clean and functioning in rough and dirty environments. This new drag system provides a noticeably broader range of resistance. 

The BVK SD series of reels are machined aluminum and anodized for durability and use in fresh or saltwater. The super large arbor design gives these reels huge line capacity and enables the angler to pick up line with incredible efficiency. The four reel series is perfect for everything from rainbow trout and bass all the way to bonefish and baby tarpon. All models of the BVK SD come packaged in a black nylon reel pouch.


 Model Weight Capacity Diameter Width
TFR BVK SD I 4.6oz 75 yards / 20lb / WF4F
3.25" 1.25"
TFR BVK SD II 4.9oz 200 yards / 20lb / WF5F 3.75" 1.03"
TFR BVK SD III 5.2oz 205 yards / 20lb / WF8F 4.10" 1.03"
TFR BVK SD III+ 6.0oz 175 yards / 30lb / WF10F 4.30" 1.03"

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