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Scotty - Sea Light Folding

Scotty - Sea Light Folding


Scotty – The Way To Fish

The Sea light can run for up to 8 hours, useful when you’re out longer at night. After using it, the pole can be conveniently removed and stowed away. Handy and durable, the Scotty 828 Folding Sea Light gives you a more worry free time in the water. The foldable pole mount can be placed at the back or at the side of your kayak. It uses the Scotty Ball System joint design which enables a smooth and complete full range of motion. Plus, it’s fully waterproof and corrosion resistant.


  • Visible for more than 3km
  • Waterproof and fully submergible
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Easy twist on/off controls
  • Runs up to 8 hours on 2 AA batteries

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