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Scotty - Test Premium Braided Downrigger Line (200lb)

Scotty - Test Premium Braided Downrigger Line (200lb)


Scotty – 2700K 200lb Test - Premium Braided Downrigger Line 200ft.

From humble beginnings, Scotty Manufacturing has evolved to produce thousands of products under the Scotty Trademark which are sold into the fishing, marine, outdoor industries worldwide. From downriggers, rod holders all the way to safety equipment for your boat, Scotty has all the products to meet your fishing and boating needs.


  • Strong 200lb. test, low stretch Braided Line will not kink, fray or rust like stainless steel cable
  • This custom manufactured braid offers the ultimate in strength, consistency and durability
  • The use of braided downrigger line helps combat electrolysis around your fishing gear and outlasts stainless steel cable
  • Includes Terminal Fastening Kit
  • No crimping required


  • Dimensions: 200ft
  • Weight: 200lb

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