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Meiho - Waterguard 800 Waterproof Tackle Box

Meiho - Waterguard 800 Waterproof Tackle Box


Meiho - Waterguard 800 Waterproof Tackle Box

Drip-proof structure that employs a silicone seal to prevent ingress of water from the outside, such as spray and rain. It just fits in the pocket of the game and the best waist bag, can also stacking.


  • Three pieces with variable partition plate
  • Drip-proof specifications
  • Made in japan


  • Materials: Polypropylene Plastic
  • Dimensions: 205 × 145 × 60mm
  • Colour: Clear

Meiho - Japanese Made Tackle Boxes

Meiho Tackle Boxes are innovative fishing tackle storage solutions designed and manufactured in Japan. With their sturdy construction and customizable compartments, they provide excellent organization for fishing gear. Meiho Tackle Boxes offer durability, portability, and ease of use, making them essential tools for any fishing enthusiast seeking a well-organized tackle setup.

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