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Meiho - Versus 320 Folding Pocket Case

Meiho - Versus 320 Folding Pocket Case


Meiho - Versus 320 Folding Pocket Case

Time to hit the water with the Meiho Versus VS-320 Folding Compartment Case. This folding compartment case comes with 11 separate compartments for small fishing hooks, weights and tackle. Each compartment also comes with its own lid so contents will stay separated. With this, The VS-320 is a folding case which means the case opens to reveal compartments on each side of the container. The strong latch closure on the VS-320 ensures the lid will stay shut and your fishing tackle and supplies will stay inside the case during transport. This case is made from a strong impact resistant copolymer plastic in an opaque black color.


  • Folding Lid Design
  • 11 Separate Compartments w/ Individual Lids 
  • Secure Latch Closure
  • Carrying Lanyard Included


  • Materials: Impact Resistant Copolymer Plastic
  • Dimensions: 127 x 104 x 34 mm
  • Weight: .107kg

Meiho - Japanese Made Tackle Boxes

Meiho Tackle Boxes are innovative fishing tackle storage solutions designed and manufactured in Japan. With their sturdy construction and customizable compartments, they provide excellent organization for fishing gear. Meiho Tackle Boxes offer durability, portability, and ease of use, making them essential tools for any fishing enthusiast seeking a well-organized tackle setup.

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