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Maxima - Ultragreen 300m Spools

Maxima - Ultragreen 300m Spools

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Maxima - Ultragreen 300m Spools

This is MAXIMA's original green monofilament. Though often attempted, no other manufacturer has duplicated the exclusive colour and characteristics of MAXIMA Ultragreen. This line becomes virtually invisible underwater, particularly in freshwater and inshore coastal waters. Ultragreen is also soft and limp, yet retains MAXIMA's legendary tough, high-durability finish for excellent abrasion resistance.

Maxima Ultragreen is the best all-round line for a variety of freshwater and general saltwater fishing, spooling and casting well on spinning, baitcasting and larger conventional reels. Ultragreen's in­visibility under water also makes it ideal for leader material.


  • Exceptionally Strong by test
  • Superior Knot Strength
  • All species and water conditions
  • Extremely tough finish


  • Line Type: Monofilament Line
  • Contents: Single Spool
  • Length: 280-300 Meters

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