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Cortland - Ghost Tip 5

Cortland - Ghost Tip 5

Clear/Mint Green

Cortland - Ghost Tip 5

A clear, 5ft intermediate tip line that’s ideal for fishing lake depths from the surface film to 5 feet or for nymphing in rivers and streams.

The Ghost Tip 5 was designed for stillwater applications where presentations need to be right below the surface or when fishing over structure.

The Ghost Tip 5 features a 27 ft. body paired with a short 5 ft. rear taper allowing for precise loop control and accuracy. The 5 ft. front taper effortlessly turns over nymphs and small streamers. This line features our signature Shooting Technology for a slick, quick shooting finish.

This line is built in true line size so your rod never feels overloaded when casting maximum distance. The clear tip is extremely stealthy and will help you fool the smartest fish. This line features dual welded loops for convenient rigging.

- 5ft Clear Intermediate Tip
- High Floating Running Line
- Sink Rate 1.5 - 2 IPS

Water: Freshwater/Saltwater

Line: Intermediate/Floating

Taper: Weight Forward

Length: 90ft

Core: Monofilament


 Line Size Grain Weight Head Length Total Length
WF5I/F 140gr 37ft 90ft
WF6I/F 160gr 37ft 90ft
WF7I/F 185gr 37ft 90ft
WF8I/F 210gr 37ft 90ft

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