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Cortland - Compact Intermediate

Cortland - Compact Intermediate

Clear/Light Blue
WF8/9 I/FWF12+ I/FWF5/6 I/FWF7/8 I/FWF9/10 I/FWF11/12 I/FWF6/7 I/F

Cortland - Compact Intermediate

The Specialty Series Compact Intermediate was designed to be our most versatile intermediate fly line. The full clear, 26ft head loads modern rods quick and effortlessly shoots a variety of flies with minimal false casts. Our ST coating keeps your line remaining slick and supple all season long.

The Compact Intermediate was designed for ultimate stealth and versatility.

We designed this line with an overly aggressive, clear intermediate head featuring a short 20 ft. body. The compact body paired with a short 3 ft. front taper easily turns over large air resistant flies in heavy wind. The short 3 ft. back taper helps load this line quickly with minimal false casting. This dual colored line features a monofilament core with our signature Shooting Technology to keep your line remaining slick, supple and fast shooting. The clear and light blue color combination distinguishes taper change and identifies loading point.

The Compact Intermediate is one of our most versatile lines for a variety of species and conditions. Aggresive taper to turn over any size fly featuring a stealthy clear head.

- Fast Loading
- Temperature Versatility
- 26ft Clear Intermediate Head

Water: Freshwater / Saltwater
Line: Intermediate / Floating
Taper: Weight Forward
Length: 100ft
Core: Monofilament


 Line Size Grain Weight Head Length Total Length
WF5/6 I/F 200gr 26ft 100ft
WF6/7 I/F 240gr 26ft 100ft
WF7/8 I/F 275gr 26ft 100ft
WF8/9 I/F 310gr 26ft 100ft
WF9/10 I/F 350gr 26ft 100ft
WF11/12 I/F 425gr 26ft 100ft
WF12+ I/F 500gr 26ft 100ft

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